New Poverty Study Sheds Light on Barriers Perpetuating Systemic Poverty in SC

A new South Carolina poverty study conducted by the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina and the Rural & Minority Health Research Center at the University of South Carolina reveals structural barriers are perpetuating systemic poverty in South Carolina. The new data proves that a person’s racial or ethnic identity, gender and where they are born can present significant barriers to economic self-sufficiency in South Carolina.

Join Sisters of Charity Public Policy Director, Chynna A. Phillips and USC’s Dr. Melinda Merrell, PhD, MPH on January 27 from 10am to 11am and dive into the latest numbers which show:

South Carolina ranks higher than the national average when it comes to….

·    The number of people living in poverty,

·    Eviction rates

·    The amount of money families spend on housing and transportation costs.

South Carolina ranks lower than the national average when it comes to…

·    The number of people who have health insurance

·    The amount of money spent per student on education

·    The number of female and/or minority led businesses