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We understand that grant funding alone is not enough to create real change. That's why we emphasize working collaboratively with organizations on research studies and analyses that can help grantee partners as they advocate for the people they serve. We are committed to conducting research, educating others and promoting change in systems that have created and exacerbated poverty for South Carolinians.

The following advocacy priorities have been identified as key focus areas for the Foundation to inspire and influence positive change for those living in poverty in South Carolina.

Support Pathways to Economic Mobility

  • Advance upward and income mobility
  • Support workforce development
  • Expand access to affordable credit

Advance Health Equity

  • Support economic security programs
  • Advocate for prosperous communities
  • Promote quality early childhood education

Prioritize Human Dignity

  • Increase civic leadership and participation
  • Execute timely, equitable and just responses
  • Advocate for cross-sector partnerships
Poverty in South Carolina

Poverty in South Carolina

Poverty is an experience that occurs when people do not have adequate resources to fully engage in society. In 2020, we partnered with the Rural and Minority Health Research Center at the University of South Carolina to produce the research study, “South Carolina: Structural Factors Associated with Poverty,” which quantitatively assessed the factors that contribute to poverty in South Carolina.


2023 Anti-Poverty Advocacy Issue Priorities


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