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President’s Fellows Guidelines

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina’s Presidents Fellows program will begin in the fall semester and end at the finish of the spring semester in May. Male students at Benedict College in their first through third years are eligible to participate in the fellowship and must meet the following guidelines during their fellowship term.

Attend a total of six Foundation events throughout year (bold events are mandatory)

  • Foundation Board meeting
  • Foundation staff meeting
  • Site visit
  • Grants Committee meeting
  • Grantmakers meeting
  • Listening session
  • Other event, specified on provided calendar

Meet with department leads.

Fellows will meet with the Foundation’s department leaders to better understand what keeps a statewide funder functioning.

Submit a midterm report.

This report will be used by the Foundation to gauge the requirements the Fellow has already completed. It will also be used as a guide for the Fellow to complete the remainder of his Fellowship.

This report will be submitted before Christmas break on an agreed upon date that summarizes the requirements that have already been met.

Complete a final project.

Using the experiences gained and meetings with Foundation staff, the Fellow will be expected to prepare a paper and a presentation to be shared with a professional committee at the Foundation at an agreed upon date.

Paper Prompt: After your year as a President’s Fellow, what have you learned about the various aspects of philanthropy? How will the knowledge you have acquired during your Fellowship inform your academic and or professional goals? Use examples from your experiences this year to demonstrate your understanding.

Upon completion, the Foundation will grant $1,000 either directly to the student or to Benedict College for the student’s expenses. The Fellow will also be reimbursed for any personal expenses incurred such as travel to events, not including office visits to the Foundation.

Email for more information on the President’s Fellow program.

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