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President’s Fellows Guidelines

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina’s Presidents Fellows program will begin in the Fall semester and end at the finish of the Spring semester in May. African American male students in their first through third year at Allen University, Benedict College, Claflin University, or South Carolina State University, are eligible to participate in the fellowship and must meet the following guidelines during their fellowship term.

Attend a total of six host Foundation events throughout year (bold events are mandatory) and complete over 150+ Fellowship hours.

  • Foundation Board meeting
  • Foundation staff meeting
  • Site visit
  • Grants Committee meeting
  • Other event, specified on provided calendar

Meet with department leads.

Fellows will meet with the host Foundation’s department leaders to better understand what keeps a statewide funder functioning.

Submit a midyear and final evaluation report.

These reports will be submitted before the end of each semester on an agreed upon date that summarizes the requirements that have already been met.

Complete a final project.

Service-Learning Track: Students will find an organization that aligns with their interests and complete a minimum of 40 service hours. The final presentation will detail their experience at the site and educate attendees on the selected focus area of the NPO and the suggested change or addition to make their program more efficient.

Issue-Based Track: Students will select a social issue and begin to research the topic. Topics can be but are not limited to homelessness, mentor or youth programs, food insecurities, economic injustice, financial aid programs, etc. After researching and developing a clear understanding of the topic, the student will interview an agency and volunteer for a minimum of 2 days or 10 hours to learn more about the NPO. The agency selected should be a current grantee partner of the host agency, unless otherwise discussed. Student must compare research findings with real-world experiences and interview findings.

Submission Format

Students will create a visual presentation (a PPT or a website, etc.) to demonstrate to their understanding of the philanthropic sector. The student is expected to present on this topic. (Presentations should be approximately 15-20 minutes.)

Student Stipend

Upon completion, the host Foundation will grant $2,000 directly to the student. The Fellow will also be reimbursed for any personal expenses incurred such as travel to events, not including office visits to the Foundation.

Email for more information on the President’s Fellows program.

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