The Philanthropy Leadership And Community Engagement (PLACE) Fellowship Program is a unique, four-year partnership with the Sisters of Charity Foundation and Columbia College designed to increase students’ awareness of the impact of philanthropy on community nonprofits.

Teaching philanthropy to the next generation of leaders is an imperative. While many college students have had experience with service-learning, their involvement has been short term volunteerism not community impact. They have not had the opportunity to practice comprehensive philanthropy leading to community change. This generation of students has the same passion as generations in the past, but philanthropy research indicates that the passion is for a different level of involvement. Young leaders want to take ownership of a cause and find a new approach to old problems. The P.L.A.C.E Fellowship program provides a system to engage the next generation in comprehensive community change by teaching leadership, philanthropy and civic engagement and providing an understanding of complex community issues while developing program strategies to impact change.

The Foundation recently graduated its first cohort of PLACE Fellows. This video, which you can watch HERE or click on the link left, follows the experiences of several of the graduating seniors through the 4-years of being a PLACE Fellow.

For more information on the PLACE Fellows program, contact :

Dr. Tamara L. Burk
Director of Leadership Studies & Professor of Communication
1301 Columbia College Drive
Columbia, SC 29203


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