Our Immediate Needs funding is intended for organizations that meet the fundamental needs of people experiencing poverty in South Carolina. Immediate Needs grants are $5,000. 


  • The organization has identified and is filling a “gap” in resources within a community.
  • The organization regularly solicits feedback from participants and uses this feedback for improvement.
  • The organization’s programs have clear measures of success.
  • The organization has a clear focus area: programming addresses immediate needs associated with life and health, education and skills, or access and participation.
    • Access and Participation:
      Examples include programs that provide access to reliable transportation, access to information, legal services, assistance obtaining identifying documents, free or affordable child care, assistance navigating systems essential to participating in daily life
    • Education and Skills:
      Examples include organizations that provide quality basic childhood education, promote literacy, offer technical training, executive functioning support, support acquisition of life skills/ essential skills
    • Life and Health:
      Examples include programs providing health care, end of life care, safe and sanitary housing, quality mental health support or treatment, food/ access to quality nutrition, safety and security, crisis assistance


Cycle I Immediate Needs grants are for organizations with annual operating budgets less than $500,000. 

Inquiries accepted Jan 15-March 15 

Application deadline April 1 

Funds disbursed June 2021 


Cycle II Immediate Needs grants are for organizations with annual operating budgets greater than $500,000.

Inquiries accepted June 15- Aug 15 

Application deadline September 1 

Funds disbursed November 2021 

How to Apply