Breaking the Cycle grants are designed to provide support to organizations that go beyond meeting the basic and fundamental life needs by offering services that are creating long-term, sustainable positive changes in the economic stability and overall well-being of individuals and/or families served.


  • Partner shows a demonstrated understanding of the complex, multi-faceted issues that surround poverty in the community they serve.
  • Programming is comprehensive and multi-layered in its approach to breaking the cycle of poverty — examples include integrated services and two-generation approaches for families.
  • Programs have clear short and longterm goals, distinct indicators for success, and can clearly articulate how programming is moving participants out of poverty.
  • Program is informed by research: using longterm data gathered from successful internal implementation and/or based on emerging/best practice models.
  • Programs demonstrate effective, ongoing evaluation and subsequent adaptability based on lessons learned.
  • Partner demonstrates effective collaboration and partnerships (both formal and informal) with other organizations.

Funding Parameters

Organizations should request the amount that meets their needs and will make the most impact on the proposed program, taking into consideration the median grant size for grants in this focus area is typically $25,000. Staff will work with eligible applicants to determine the best request amount.

How to Apply