Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Values Statement: We Believe

Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina improves the lives of thousands of individuals and families experiencing poverty across our state. We compassionately work to strengthen opportunities for success so children and adults can thrive and achieve their full potential. We believe diversity is a fundamental strength of the diverse groups of people that live and work in our communities. Our mission is best fulfilled when we embrace diversity, advance equity and promote inclusion with measurable action steps.

We embrace diversity.

We believe diversity of experiences, ideas and opinions are important. We intentionally work to reflect the diversity of our communities within the composition of our Board of Trustees, staff, committees, Fellows, interns and volunteers. We also influence externally individuals and families served through our grantmaking, collaborative partners, community stakeholders, leaders and those we engage in business with. We celebrate diversity in all of its forms encompassing, but not limited to, visible and invisible differences in ability, age, culture, education, ethnicity, gender, geography, history, identity, life experience, political affiliation, profession, race, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

We advance equity.

We believe all people should be treated fairly. We acknowledge the disparities and disproportionality many South Carolina communities face based on differentially situated circumstances and historic underinvestment in education, health and social services. We actively work to reduce the inequalities disadvantaged children and adults face which most often impacts low income individuals, families and communities of color. We commit to work to close the equity gap improving access to equal opportunities and resources overcoming structural power, privilege and oppression that creates barriers to full participation in political, social and economic institutions.

We promote inclusion.

We believe diverse voices should be present, active, listened to and valued. We foster a respectful, inclusive, open environment with varying viewpoints, strengths and assets. In our grantmaking and community engagement strategies, we work to ensure no person is excluded from participation or services due to discrimination, prejudice and other isms.

Achieving diversity, equity and inclusion is a reflective, ongoing, deepening process that requires courage, integrity, transparency and accountability. We commit dedicated time and resources to invest in opportunities to continuously learn in these areas building relationships with others while honoring individual and collective resilience, strengths and capacities. Rooted in our respect for the inherent dignity of all people, we believe these values will help lead to a stronger, more vibrant, welcoming, just and equitable state. We invite others on the collective journey towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion for all.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our values, in the past we have recognized individuals or organizations that illustrates exemplary performance in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Leaders in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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