Beginning February 1 through the 22, Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network (WREN) will be holding an exhibit to elevate the voices of women in our community.

 The exhibit, titled “Seen and Heard,” will have pieces from 40 local women artists of different ages, ranging from 12-50.

“Visitors to the exhibit can expect to see pieces that capture a woman’s experience in different stages of life, from girlhood to womanhood,” Megan Plassmeyer, Community Engagement Coordinator of WREN, said.

“Thanks to the generous funding from Sisters of Charity and other partners, we’ve been able to include women and girls from all ages and we look forward to more partnerships in the future,” Plassmeyer said.

The “Seen and Heard” exhibit aims to show the strength of women in the Midlands community and how these women handle the challenges of life. WREN hopes that this event will not only elevate the voices of women, but also open up conversation around the obstacles women have to face in their daily lives.

Raising awareness within the Midlands community is just one-way WREN hopes “Seen and Heard” will impact those that visit.  They also hope that the exhibit inspires other organizations to hold similar events to engage their community and spur others to make a difference in the lives of women and girls in the state.

“Visitors should come with an open mind,” Plassmeyer said. “We really hope this exhibit will be a diverse place of learning and growth. Come ready to learn, and also to be surprised.”