Grantmaking Guidelines

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina invests in organizations that are committed to serving individuals and families in South Carolina who are living in poverty.  Whether our funding goes toward supporting a meal delivery program acting as a lifeline to seniors living in rural areas or a financial literacy program designed to lift families out of poverty through home ownership, we believe that a holistic, intentional, and multi-faceted approach to the complex issues faced by those living in poverty in our state allows us to do our part in supporting organizations committed to our mission.

While there are several grant opportunities that are only available by invitation, we also offer grants that are open to any 501 (c) 3 organization serving individuals and families in poverty in South Carolina.

Currently, we offer two open categories of funding, Caritas grants and Community Enrichment grants.

Please review the information below to determine if your organization is eligible for funding, what category you should apply for, how to apply, and what to do after you apply.  If you still have questions, please contact our Program Team to discuss funding opportunities.


Before You Apply

Who Does the Foundation Fund?
Does the Foundation fund individuals, scholarships, or capital campaigns?
I just started a nonprofit, may I apply for a grant?
Do you have any geographical restrictions?
Do you give preference to certain types of organizations?
May I set up an appointment to discuss my project or idea?
What type of grant should my organization apply for?
What is the difference between Caritas and Community Enrichment?
Do you award funding for general operating costs?
Is there a multi-year grant available?


Applying for Grants

How do I apply?
What does the review committee look for in a grant application?
Why does the application ask me to list other sources of funding?
Who reviews applications?
When are the grant deadlines?
If I submit a pre-application for Community Enrichment and we are invited to submit a full proposal, does that mean our organization is likely to be funded?
How much should my organization ask for?


When will I receive a response to my electronic application?
How can I check on the status of my request?
If my application is declined, will you provide a reason why it was rejected or critique the proposal?
If our request was declined, may we reapply?
My organization was not funded, when can I reapply?
How long does my organization have to spend our grant funds?
My organization was funded, how much time must pass before we can re-apply?