Advocate. Engage. Impact.

What does it takes to make an impact on a problem as large as poverty in South Carolina? It takes teamwork, greater public awareness and often, stronger government policies.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina embraces its role as a statewide change agent to address issues related to poverty.

Although we continue to invest significant dollars to support programs, we recognize that other avenues have to be utilized to insure that true systemic change occurs within our communities.

Because we are a statewide funder, we are able to develop and engage strong alliances with government agencies, legislators, statewide funding partners, nonprofit leaders, institutions of higher education, and other important stakeholders.

The Foundation makes a concerted effort to understand and address public policy issues that affect families wanting to live out of poverty. It is our plan to leverage our influence and expertise in poverty to advocate on behalf of all those who otherwise, do not have a voice.

South Carolina continues to fall near the bottom in most statistical categories for indicators of poverty. It is incumbent upon us to take an active and strategic role by engaging important audiences that can have influence and a positive impact on those living in poverty.