<strong>Loving America Street</strong>
Loving America Street

Loving America Street’s mission is to empower a body of believers toward Gospel-centered community transformation through the intentional act of neighboring and asset-based development in Charleston’s Eastside. In 2015, Loving America Street undertook its biggest challenge to date: the acquisition of the neighborhood’s last standing laundromat. Because few residents have cars or washers and dryers in their homes, the laundromat serves as a vital staple in the Eastside community. As the only laundry facility within walking distance for residents, Laundry Matters really does matter because it symbolizes the need for investment in the neighborhood. They have been leasing their current Reid Street space since May 2015 and have been able to raise funds to purchase a total of nine new washers and ten new dryers which brings the machines to a total of 13 operating washers and 12 operating dryers. In addition to replacing the machines, they have further renovated the space and re-painted the floors, walls, and exterior of the facility while also adding bookcases and seating. Through partnership with local churches, LAS now provides free laundry services for homeless individuals and holds Bible study in Laundry Matters on a weekly basis. With this space re-created as a hospitable and welcoming place for their neighbors, they hope to preserve a necessary service for the community while also engaging more neighbors with Christ’s love.

For her years of effort in an important and still underserved community on Charleston’s peninsula, ABC News 4 recognized Director, Samantha Sammis and her nonprofit with the Jefferson Award:


Loving America Street’s innovative approach has also been featured in Planet Laundry:


For more information on Loving America Street and Laundry Matters, visit their website: