When Kim Frohnappel joined the Sisters of Charity Foundation in 1998, everything was done by paper. “All of our grant applications, grant reports, site visit reports and final reports were done by hand and printed out” said Frohnappel. “It was very labor intensive and every grant file ended up with 100 pages in it.” Yes, Kim has seen a lot during her 20 year tenure at the Foundation and she has seen a whole bunch of positive changes. “I think Kim was instrumental in the transition from paper to electronic record keeping for our grants program.” Said Tom Keith, Foundation President. “As I look back on it, it was a huge change for us and a tremendous amount of work. But in true Kim fashion, she rolled up her sleeves and got it done.” Keith said.

Frohnappel has been a permanent fixture at the Foundation for more than two decades. She has a great relationship with the staff and Board and many of the grantees know her too. “It is Kim’s friendly voice and willingness to help that I always hear.” Said Freddie Strange of the Columbia Free Medical Clinic. Kim grew up in Arkansas and lived and worked there until she and her husband Greg moved to Florida. Then Greg took a job in South Carolina and the rest is history. “I worked in Rock Hill for a little while but then we moved to Columbia and I found the Foundation.” Kim said.

Her move to the Foundation has become more than a job. It is a calling. “When you work for the Sisters who sacrifice so much for others then you truly understand what mission work really is” said Frohnappel. She has spent a lot of her 20 years on the grants side but was named Director of Operations and Facilities Management in 2016. Kim says that she looks forward to getting up and coming to work every day. “I have had jobs that I hated but this job has always been different. Working with and for the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine has truly impacted my life in so many different ways.”

If you call the Foundation and ask for help, you will likely hear Kim Frohnappel on the other end of your call. She has no plans to retire anytime soon which is good news for everyone both inside the Foundation and outside throughout the state of South Carolina.

Happy 20 year Anniversary Kim and thanks for all you do to help others!