Project Description

LogoSt. Luke’s Free Medical Health Clinic has provided a medical home for the uninsured of Spartanburg County since 1992. Their goal is to changes the lives of patients by improving their health and overall well being – thus empowering them to be more productive in the daily lives.

The clinic is supported by the community. Volunteer medical providers, nurses and clerical volunteers along with a small paid staff provide medical care, mental health counseling and pharmacy services to the uninsured of Spartanburg County on site. Both Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and Mary Black Memorial Hospital provide care for St. Luke’s patients at no charge.

According to St. Luke’s Free Medical Health Clinic, roughly 80% of their patients are living at or below the 100% of the Federal Poverty level when they can apply for services.

“Healthy citizens are more productive citizens,” Patsy Whitney, Executive Director of St. Luke’s Free Medical Clinic, said. “By providing access to healthcare and critical medications, St. Luke’s Clinic empowers its patients to lead more productive lives. Many who were unable to work due to health reasons reenter the work force and are able to earn much needed income. This helps to lift them out of poverty and more them toward a happier, healthier existence.”

One particular patient named William visited St. Luke’s with herniated discs in his back, a heart condition, diabetes and high blood pressure. He applied to the clinic and the doctors suggested treatment.

“I was a real wreck when I first came to St. Luke’s,” William said. “The doctors there got me on the right medications and started motivating me to lose weight.”

Since he began visiting St. Luke’s, William has lost 57 lbs. and says he feels like a new man.

“My life has improved 110 percent and I am now able to do volunteer work and also care for my 83 year old mother,” William said. “If it wasn’t for St. Luke’s, I’d be in the grave. If I ever win the lottery, it’s going straight to St. Luke’s.”