Project Description

When North Greenville Crisis Ministry first began in 1983 through the Greenville County United Way, the organization focused on feeding the hungry. Now, in 2015, the organization offers food assistance, a clothing closet, crisis utility assistance and life skills classes to over 250 square miles of Greenville County.

With the mission of offering short-term temporary assistance, hope and love, build on a foundation of faith, North Greenville Crisis Ministry is able to give assistance to families every three months.

“We dropped the word “Food” from North Greenville Food Crisis Ministry to emphasize that we do more than give food to those in need,” Suzanne Kolb, Executive Director, said. “I felt like we were just putting Band-Aids on the problem as a temporary fix. With the addition of our life skills classes we’re trying to help people break the cycle.”

The life skills classes started in September of 2013 and take place several times a month and vary in subject matter. “They cover anything from gardening for sustainability to stress management to finance,” Joanne Turner, Chair of Board, said.

North Greenville Crisis Ministry relies heavily on its community to keep running and stay stocked. “Many organizations within our community recognize our ability to serve those who need us,” Kolb said. “We have developed partnerships with Greenville County Schools and Greenville Healthy System. They teach the forward classes.”

“Board members also take on responsibility within the organization,” Turner said. “Each board member is over a specific area such as clothing, food, or buying.”

Local churches and other organizations also recognize North Greenville Crisis Ministry’s ability. Churches often hold food drives or encourage donations. “We rely heavily on our community and we couldn’t do this without them,” Kolb said.

Special projects created by the organization also supplies them with items to address immediate needs. “We have special projects every three months or so to address needs we might not normally have supplies for,” Turner said. “We have school supplies drives, Thanksgiving projects, and we had “Project Fan” a few summers ago when it was so hot. The community donated fans for those who don’t have air conditioning.”

With the help of its community and from funders like The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina, North Greenville Crisis Ministry continues to care for those in need in Greenville County.

To learn more about this organization visit its website at or their Facebook page.