Project Description

For the past five years, Midlands Housing Alliance has been helping homeless men and women improve their lives and move forward through their program Transitions.

Transitions is one of the largest housing facilities in the Midlands region. It offers 260 beds for those that decide to stay an extended period of time, as well as a Day Center for those that only need a safe and dry place to have a meal.

Transitions is not a homeless shelter, but rather a place for people to change their lives. The men and women who commit to this process stay at Transitions for about three to six months. While there, they have obligations that they must fulfill. Such as meeting with their case worker, putting eight hours a week toward self-development courses, and participating in community projects around Transitions.

Transitions also has a program designed specifically for the homeless youth population. Young adults, ages ranging from 18-24, are eligible for this program as long as they meet the overall requirements for staying at Transitions long-term.

“Something we noticed was that the youths here were not staying long enough and were not transitioning back into the community successfully,” Elizabeth Igleheart, Vice President of Advancement for Transitions, said.

In the youth program, Transitions offers services to help homeless young adults pursue their interests and gain more positive influences in their lives. One of the previous members of the program was recently accepted into culinary school.

“We’re extremely grateful for Sisters of Charity and their funding, because a lot of organizations that award grants won’t let you use the money to keep the lights on, they want you to use it for a specific project. Sisters of Charity has helped us stay running and has encouraged us to be creative in what new programs we create,” Igleheart said.