Project Description

Upstate Collaborative comes together for Deeper Impact

Previously homeless and unemployed, Sam moves into his own home with his son, Jevahn, and gains a job with the maintenance department at the City of Greenville.

Sam and his son, Jevahn, were the latest family to enter the LoCAL program through a partnership with GAIHN. After transitioning through the GAIGN program, they were identified as a great choice for LoCAL housing. Sam, a devoted father and diligent worker, along with his son, always made a positive impression on the GAIHN hosts and were ready to thrive in their own place.

Pregnant, working at a local restaurant and dependant on others for housing, April was looking for a change. She found it and completed her first semester of college with 2 As and 2 Bs while taking advantage of a work-study program.

April made the decision to invest in herself and take advantage of the partnership between WACS and Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (GAIHN), to move into the church housing network until GAIHN could help with more permanent housing.  GAIHN was able to help April, with transportation, by providing a car and helping with insurance.  WACS helped April with childcare at a facility with a structure learning curriculum.  Additionally, WACS was able to support April emotionally, spiritually and financially, while providing proper case management.  Even though April moved from church to church on a weekly basis, she succeeded in school.  Soon GAIHN found a home for April, her daughter Izzie and her unborn child Gracie.

Stories like these would not be made possible without the help of the Foundation’s Upstate-Collaborative. The collaborative consists of four previous grantees across Greenville, Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, Laurens and Spartanburg counties.  These organizations are Homes of Hope, Serenity Place, GAIHN and Anderson Interfaith Ministries.

The Foundation recognized that these organizations have been doing great work, but not together. They inspired these organizations to correspond with one another and challenged them to take their existing work and to fill any gaps with each other’s help.

When organizations like these begin working together, a positive influence is made in communities across South Carolina. That is why the Foundation is invested in catalytic philanthropy and taking the leap to bring organizations together in the spirit of collaboration for deeper impact.