May 18, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Lydia Royals
803-254-0230 Ext. 11

 Participation in the May 4th  face-to-face workshop and the June 8th webinar is mandatory in order to receive your certificate of completion in the Leadership Workshop Series.

You will receive the link to the webinar one day in advance. If you have trouble connecting to the webinar, please contact Kim Frohnappel at 803-254-0230, Ext. 17 or kimf@sistersofcharitysc.com.

When a professional musician takes a high-stakes audition or performs on a high-pressure stage, the outcome isn’t determined by what they are capable of.  In situations like that, the outcome is determined by their commitment to three things:

Clarity           Courage           Congruence

 But these things aren’t limited to the stage.  Any non-profit leader can use them to cause their organization to perform at a higher level and make a bigger difference regardless of the circumstances.

This webinar will:

    • Stretch the size and Clarity of your vision
    • Renew your Courage in the face of “impossible”
    • Take your inner Congruence to a higher level

Jarrod Haning is the Principal Violist with the SC Philharmonic.  As an award-winning speaker, his humorous stories and inspiring teaching is guaranteed to boost your influence and impact.  Hailed as the “Seth Godin of music,” his expertise has helped doctors, lawyers, teachers, leaders, pilots and more to make a bigger difference in the world around them. His unique approach will leave you talking about this message for days!