September 24, 2014 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina
2711 Middleburg Drive
Columbia, SC 29204
Katrina Soigner

Get a CLUE (Creative Leadership for an Under-Resourced Environment)

Excessive focus on analysis, targets and number crunching and the absence of imagination and introspection leads to a crisis in management that is responsible for financial stagnation. Excessive focus on opportunity and vision leads to a crisis in leadership that is responsible for duplication of services. The effective non-profit leader must balance measurement of impact with creative approaches to service.

Get a CLUE is an interactive half-day workshop to help non-profit leaders at all levels of an organization increase organizational creativity using internal environment measures, assessment of program impact and community outcome data.

Learning Objectives: Participants will learn to

  1. Identify the chemistry you bring to the organization: your leadership style.
  2. Identify the chemistry your organization brings to the community: your impact.
  3. Generate ideas to increase the impact of your organization.
  4. Create simple ways to measure impact.
  5. Encourage opportunity finding skills in staff and volunteers.
  6. Design cross functional idea generation and problem solving teams.