July 6, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Lydia Royals
803-254-0230 Ext. 11


You will receive the link to the webinar one day in advance. If you have trouble connecting to the webinar, please contact Kim Frohnappel at 803-254-0230, Ext. 17 or kimf@sistersofcharitysc.com.

Learning Objectives:

1.     Given the four general behaviors most people demonstrate when in conflict, participants will be able to identify their own behavioral style and make the necessary adjustments to manage their actions.

2.     Provided a model to address conflict, participants will be able to respond to challenging situations confidently by using this approach.

3.     Upon learning the common triggers that spark conflict, participants will be able to avoid “fire starters” and reduce the chances for major flare-ups to occur.

Conflict is inevitable in life.  Regardless of whether it is work-related or our personal differences coming to light, we are guaranteed to have a disagreement with someone along the way.  Since this occurrence is expected, we need to be prepared to handle any situation so that it doesn’t become a wildfire beyond our control.  In this session, participants will learn to address conflict directly.  No more ignoring, avoiding, and passing it off to someone else to handle.  Participants will have the confidence to address challenging situations because they will learn methods that work.  They will learn how to avoid conflict altogether by being more proactive in identifying the triggers.  They will learn how to manage their own behavior, and how to appear confident even when they feel helpless.  And they will get the chance to practice what they learn in a safe environment so that they feel comfortable when faced with challenges in the real world.  

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 Betty Parker is a professional speaker, author, and trainer. She provides engaging presentations and training to corporations and individuals who have a desire to grow professionally and personally.  Her degree in broadcast journalism from Louisiana State University affords her the educational background to write and speak professionally.  She is a communications expert with nearly 30 years’ experience hosting radio programs, making corporate sales presentations, and providing training and coaching in the public and private sectors.  Betty began her career as a trainer in 1998 while a key account manager and sales trainer in the biotech industry.  She started her own training company, Sharper Development Solutions, Inc., in 2006 and served as a licensee for Crestcom International, a premiere leadership development franchise organization. 

Betty has educated thousands of leaders and staff across the country in leadership skills.  Whether training federal attorneys with the U. S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development on diversity matters or challenging managers at a pest control company to build stronger teams, her audiences are diverse.  As a leadership consultant, she specializes in the following topic areas: communications, teamwork, diversity, conflict management, employee engagement, coaching and mentoring, customer service, and more.  Her audiences find her delivery engaging and the results she delivers tangible and measurable.  She is at work on her next book What You Don’t Say Matters.  She is a Certified Professional in Learning and Development as granted by the Association for Talent Development.