August 20, 2014 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sisters of Charity Foundation
2711 Middleburg Drive
Columbia, SC 29204
Katrina Spigner

Funding the easy way

Raising private funds for your non-profit can be easier and faster than grants – if you know how to ask.  Raising money privately is a matter of having the right conversations with the right people.  All you need is to know how successful requests are made.

In this workshop you will locate the right people to ask by:

• Uncovering the little known connections in your network

• Learning how to connect with the people with the money

• Creating win-win solutions that attract bigger donors

 In this workshop you will master the “ask” with:

• Proven scripts for shifting their emotional state

• Proven conversational models for building rapport

• Scientific formulas that cause them to say yes

As the principal violist for the South Carolina Philharmonic, Jarrod Haning is an expert in performance, persuasion, and productivity.  Hailed as the “Seth Godin of music,” he is able to deliver some unique tools for increasing your business growth.  His expertise has helped doctors, lawyers, teachers, sales reps, pilots and more to increase their impact and influence at work.