February 3, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 115, Columbia, SC 29204
Lydia Royals
803-254-0230 Ext. 11

 This is a three part certificate series. Once registered for this workshop you will be automatically registered for the following webinars. You must attend this face-to-face workshop and join both 10 a.m. webinars on February 17th and March 9th to receive a certificate of completion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provided four general styles in which people communicate, participants will be able to identify ways to adjust to these styles for more effective personal interactions.
  •  Given a model for providing and receiving feedback, participants will be able to demonstrate ways to communicate with others without raising defensiveness.
  • Through interactive learning exercises, participants will be able to practice having respectful conversations by using the 3-T Method (Tact, Tone and Timing).

This learning session is designed to take the participant from the basic communications guidelines of word usage, body language, listening, and tone to a more involved means of verbal and written communications.  Participants will learn the art of conversation which entails going beyond the basics.  We will learn how to listen mindfully to what is being said, and we will learn how to listen for what’s not being said.  We will explore word choice, and we will tackle the controversial idea of “political correctness”.  We will discuss why we get the responses we do, and how to get the responses we seek.  We will learn to negotiate and gain buy-in from others so that we can reach the goals we’ve set.  And finally, we’ll discuss the importance of timing; a rarely considered but important component to having challenging conversations.  All of these fine skills combine to reduce conflict and build stronger connections with others.  Upon completion, participants should be able to converse with minimal conflict and with greater influence.

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Betty Parker is a professional speaker, author, and trainer. She provides engaging presentations and training to corporations and individuals who have a desire to grow professionally and personally.  Her degree in broadcast journalism from Louisiana State University affords her the educational background to write and speak professionally.  She is a communications expert with nearly 30 years’ experience hosting radio programs, making corporate sales presentations, and providing training and coaching in the public and private sectors.  Betty began her career as a trainer in 1998 while a key account manager and sales trainer in the biotech industry.  She started her own training company, Sharper Development Solutions, Inc., in 2006 and served as a licensee for Crestcom International, a premiere leadership development franchise organization.

Betty has educated thousands of leaders and staff across the country in leadership skills.  Whether training federal attorneys with the U. S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development on diversity matters or challenging managers at a pest control company to build stronger teams, her audiences are diverse.  As a leadership consultant, she specializes in the following topic areas: communications, teamwork, diversity, conflict management, employee engagement, coaching and mentoring, customer service, and more.  Her audiences find her delivery engaging and the results she delivers tangible and measurable.  She is at work on her next book What You Don’t Say Matters.  She is a Certified Professional in Learning and Development as granted by the Association for Talent Development.