February 24, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 115, Columbia, SC 29204
Lydia Royals
803-254-0230 Ext. 11

This is a three part certificate series. Once registered for this workshop, you will be automatically registered for the following webinars. You must attend this face-to-face workshop and join both 10 a.m. webinars on May 11th and May 26th to receive a certificate of completion.

The basics of good board governance is vital to assuring the success of a nonprofit organization.  Moving beyond these basics can create wonderful new opportunities that allow the board and staff leadership to work in partnership to advance the organization’s mission in more powerful and significant ways.

Active engagement and independent decision making are hallmarks of an exceptional board. Open and honest communication provide a foundation for the board’s work.  Board members and staff leadership are thoughtful, intentional, and passionately challenge and support efforts in pursuit of the mission.  There is engaged and shared leadership along with a united passion that serves as a multiplier for moving the organization forward. 

This seminar, along with the two subsequent webinars, will offer chief executives a description of an empowered board that is truly a strategic asset.  Board members will develop an understanding of how to provide lasting value to the organization they lead.  It is recommended that at least one member of the participating organization’s board leadership, along with the chief executive, attend this session.

The initial session will provide an understanding of the following key constructs:

  • Board/Staff Partnership.  The effectiveness of the board and the chief executive are interdependent and require the development of a constructive partnership.   The process calls for support, trust, honesty and hard work; the result is, without question, worth the effort.
  • Strategic Thinking.  Exceptional boards continuously engage in strategic thinking to consider what is most important to the organization.  This allows the organization to be adaptive while assuring the most effective use of vital resources and future viability.
  • Mission Driven Decisions.  When making decisions, board members put the interests of the organization above all else, assuring congruence between decisions, core values and the vision for the future.
  • Culture of Inquiry.  A culture of inquiry promotes thoughtful decision making that is built on collective wisdom.  The board engages and energizes members, uses meeting time productively, and ultimately makes better decisions.
  • Outcomes with Integrity.  Strong ethical values are demonstrated as the board establishes mechanisms for active oversight and advancement toward mission. 
  • Sustaining Resources.  Linking bold visions and ambitious plans promote improved financial support and expertise.  Transparency throughout the organization’s networks of influence is a hallmark of an exceptional board.  

Colleen Bozard 3Colleen Campbell Bozard is president and owner of ccbozard consulting, a firm that specializes in assisting non-profit, community and government organizations with board governance, organizational development, strategic planning, and interim leadership.  She has almost 30 years of experience in the nonprofit arena as an Executive Director, board member and consultant, which combined offer a unique perspective. 

Colleen is the only BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer in South Carolina.  She has written a wide range of training curricula, and facilitated training sessions for a variety of audiences, including non-profit staff, Board members, community groups, governmental leaders, and corporate employees.  Colleen regularly facilitates strategic planning sessions, staff retreats and group meetings.  She has served as Interim Executive Director for numerous non-profits and has assisted many others in conducting a search for new leadership.  

Colleen is a Masters level graduate from Long Island University in Community Mental Health and a graduate of Leadership Columbia.  She served on the South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organization’s Blue Ribbon Task For Preserving the Public Trust, helping to develop all three editions of the Guiding Principles and Best Practices to help build capacity of nonprofits throughout South Carolina.   In addition to her consulting business, Colleen provides leadership through a variety of volunteer activities. 

For more information, contact Colleen at ccboard@sc.rr.com, (803) 782-7087 or www.ccbozardconsulting.com