September 16, 2015 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sisters of Charity Foundation
2711 Middleburg Drive
Columbia, SC 29204
Katrina Spigner
803.254.0230, Ext 15

Drawing lines and setting boundaries for others can serve the parallel purpose of establishing respect. People usually don’t cross a line if they know it’s there. In our personal lives, those lines are drawn in our minds so they are invisible to others. People bump up against them and step over them regularly much to our chagrin. We get annoyed and cornered into having a difficult conversation that could turn tense if we approach it wrong. Therefore, it’s helpful if we can draw the lines in our lives upfront and clearly. This workshop will help you learn how. Whether it’s an in-law who’s always butting into your marriage, a friend who borrows too much and too often, a boss who yells at you at work, a child who talks back or a client who expects you to deliver on ridiculous requests, everyone has to know when they’ve gone too far. Learn how to place limits tactfully and help others to respect your time and space.

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Betty photo2Betty Parker is a professional speaker, author, and trainer. She provides engaging presentations and training to corporations and individuals who have a desire to grow professionally and personally.  Her degree in broadcast journalism from LSU affords her the educational background to write and speak professionally.  Betty became a trainer in 1998 when she worked in the biotech industry.  She started her own training company in 2006. As a leadership consultant, she specializes in communications, teamwork, diversity, conflict management, coaching and mentoring, and more.  She is a Certified Professional in Learning and Development through the Association for Talent Development.