October 16, 2014 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Rex Meade

Empowerment and Employee Relations — Norma Rae (1979, Martin Ritt, Director) Follow the evolution of a frustrated mill worker into an empowered leader who helps change a noxious and entrenched work culture.  Contrast how leadership impacts lives through abuse of power as opposed to true empowerment.

Program Overview Using the personal insights you garner from acclaimed films, you will be challenged to synthesize and apply this knowledge into your own personal or organizational realities  and leadership development needs. You will find the materials, questions and dialogue promote in-depth analysis, stimulate ideas, reveal pragmatic applications and  foster synthesis thinking. The themes that emerge are then targeted to “real world” application utilizing  non-profit organization specific case studies, situational examples and peer group  discussion.


  • Utilizes films to introduce universal themes and then creates solid, “take away” workplace applications.
  • Provides opportunities for candid dialogue, consensus building, and networking.
  • Encourages both the professional development and the personal growth of participants.
  • Includes stimulating experiential  learning through structured group  discussion and small team breakouts.
  • Utilizes fully developed non-profit case studies.

Leadership Forum – Offering a Unique Approach

Executive Director, President, CEO, Board Chair, Department Head…Regardless of your title, as a leader of a Nonprofit organization you are faced with universal challenges and questions.

Complex dilemmas call for an in-depth perspective that goes beyond the typical ”how-to” leadership development courses.

This Leadership Forum offers a unique and interesting approach to examining a broad variety of classical management issues.

Traditional leadership themes are explored through the lens of acclaimed films carefully selected to capture many of the human experiences that we collectively and universally encounter.

Most importantly, all learning experiences are designed to specifically address the challenging realities of nonprofit leaders.