2018 Leadership in Diversity winner

Julie Smithwick is a social worker and Community Health Worker with over two decades of experience working with communities and families in marginalized situations, in Latin America and the southeastern states of the US.

In 2005, she founded and now directs PASOs, a community-based organization that engages with Latino communities throughout South Carolina to fill health and early childhood gaps, support families with navigating resources, train community leaders by building on their strengths, and promote change through advocacy at systemic-levels within local, regional and state organizations.

Julie is on the Board of Directors of various organizations including the Eau Claire Community Health Centers, the Fund for Southern Communities, and the National Association of Community Health Workers

Julie is well versed and passionate about operationalizing the promotion of equity and inclusion of all voices and experiences, as well as how diverse partners and systems can think “outside the box” and collaboratively sustain and move forward their theories of change. 

The Leadership in Diversity Award was established by the Sisters of Charity Foundation in 2011. It was created to honor an individual or organization that has played an important role around leadership and diversity and is willing to take a stand on important issues that affect those with fewer resources in South Carolina. 

“PASOs is a perfect example of an organization that has embraced diversity and challenged others to recognize the disparities and inequalities that exist for underserved populations,” Tom Keith, President of Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina.