A letter from Foundation President, Tom Keith

The recent violent and unnecessary death of Mr. George Floyd and other people of color has placed the spotlight on the enormous reality that institutional and societal racism in this country is not only pervasive, but it is getting worse by the day. The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina has worked diligently over the past 24 years to help nonprofit organizations serve individuals and families who are experiencing poverty.

Racism is the key contributor to poverty in our state and country. We mourn the tragic death of Mr. Floyd and every other person of color that has faced injustice and inequality. As a Catholic Foundation, we believe each person’s life is valued and important. We believe Black lives matter.  None of us can afford to just standby and accept this kind of unfathomable injustice ever again.

The Foundation has made diversity, equity, and inclusion one of its pillars as part of our 2020 strategic plan. But that is not enough. We must work harder by using our leverage, influence, core values and sense of fairness to say, “no more-this must stop now.” Today is the beginning of a new day that give us many opportunities. We must use these opportunities to eliminate barriers and to stop violent acts of racism and to stand up for racial justice and for equal rights for all.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina will fight these battles with faith, hope and courage. We pray for not only our African American sisters and brothers but all people of goodwill doing the hard work of bringing about real and racial lasting justice for all South Carolinians.