Collaboration for Ministry Initiative

Under the leadership of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina, the Collaboration for Ministry Initiative began in 2005. The Initiative represents the first systemic attempt to engage, support and sustain ministries of Catholic women religious in South Carolina.

These is a sense of urgency for this Initiative. Scattered across South Carolina and often isolated from Mother Houses, Sisters and their ministries are frequently alone in their efforts to address social and economic poverty. Although successful, most of the social ministries face organizational challenges and will be at risk when the Sisters leave.

The Sister-affiliated ministries have had a tremendous impact in South Carolina. These ministries have been responsible for establishing schools, hospitals, and social service programs that have served hundreds of thousands of people over the years.

The Board of Trustees of the Sisters of Charity Foundation have embraced the value and importance of supporting and sustaining Sister led ministries across the state.

Strategic actions taken include learning how to facilitate transitions of leadership at Sister-affiliated ministries. Specific steps include: A) data collection to understand the status of the Sisters and their ministries B) providing funds for strategy and planning C) providing technical assistance through workshops and individual consultation to increase capacity and knowledge. Additionally, the Sisters of Charity Foundation has provided grant funding to support the ongoing day to day operations of Sister-affiliated ministries. Since the inception of the Collaboration for Ministry Initiative in 2003, the Foundation has invested more than $2.4 million in overall financial support.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation continues its long standing commitment and investment to Sister-affiliated ministries across South Carolina. It is not only an important Initiative, but it is also at the heart of the Foundation’s efforts to help those living in impoverished communities, through the work of the Sisters ministries.



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