Integrating immigrants and refugees yields tremendous benefits for South Carolina, ultimately contributing to shared prosperity and economic vitality for all. Rooted in the Foundation’s mission and core values of compassion and courage, the Immigrant Families Initiative launched in June 2014 dedicated to enhancing the health, well-being and economic mobility of immigrant, mixed-status and refugee families.

The Immigrant Families Initiative seeks to improve the health, well-being and economic mobility of first and second generation immigrants, mixed status families and refugees working alongside our grantees, community stakeholders and philanthropic partners by achieving the following results:

  • Boost resources of families living below 200% of the poverty line to meet basic needs of a safe, stable place to live, access to enough food, affordable health coverage and quality child care
  • Build inclusive, welcoming communities increasing social capital of newcomers
  • Employ two generation strategies to strengthen and support families;
  • improve educational outcomes from early childhood to postsecondary educational pathways
  • Enhance workforce and career skills for family-sustaining employment or entrepreneurship
  • Support DREAMers positioning them for success and next generation leadership
  • Bolster efforts to obtain citizenship, naturalization or other legal statuses
  • Increase civic engagement to strengthen communities and create social change