Mark Ward, Project Coordinator and Special Assistant
P. 803.254.0230, EXT. 10

To meet Mark is to meet a gentle giant; although he towers over those in the office, he is a professional at making folks feel comfortable. With his infectious smile and gentlemanly manners, he leaves a lasting impression on all those he encounters.

Using advice from his father, Mark always does his best “because you never know who is taking notice.” This advice has always driven him to go the extra mile, recognizing that the extra mile means even more in this line of work.

Speaking of the extra mile, before becoming the Foundation’s Project Coordinator/Special Assistant Mark obtained his real estate license and has been selling real estate for three years. In addition to that, he helped a dear friend starting a nonprofit, ultimately leading him on the path to do work that allowed him to give back, not just draw a paycheck.

Passionate about working for change, he is the perfect addition to the staff. Mark says, “I believe in reaching my goals and helping others reach theirs.” Always hard-working and willing to lend a hand are just a few of the many reasons that he is instrumental in the everyday workings of the Foundation.

Favorite Quote:
“We are not put on this earth to see through one another. We are put on this earth to see one another through”. (Gloria Vanderbilt)

Education: Associate in Science (University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC); Certified Grants Specialist (National Grant Writers Association); Real Estate License (Real Estate School of South Carolina)

Community Engagement: The Justin Pepper Foundation (Board chair, volunteer, former Treasurer), Washington Street United Methodist Church (Grace Sunday School Class) and Camp Kemo (fundraiser volunteer – Mr. Eagle Contest).