The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina offers a variety of materials for use by non-profits, foundations and others carrying out or interested in work similar to that of the Foundation. Contact us for questions about any of the resources listed here, to obtain a hard copy or to inquire about other Foundation resources.

Self Sufficiency Standard: 2020

The Sisters of Charity Foundation supported the The United Way Association of South Carolina’s 2020 update of the Self-Sufficiency Standard for South Carolina in an effort to ensure that the best data and analyses are available to enable South Carolina’s families and individuals to make progress toward real economic security.

Promoting Race Equity in the Workplace

Many thanks to the Children’s Trust of South Carolina for steering the collaboration for Race, Equity, and Inclusion Learning.

Organizational Leaders Framework – This framework focuses on aligning values, making a plan, and tracking the results to monitor progress.

Practitioners Guide– This ecological framework capitalizes on specific actions within each level of relationship and interaction.

Flood Report

After the disastrous flood in October 2015, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina felt that it was important to respond to the needs of the community quickly and strategically. This report gives our community partners a deeper look at how our funds impacted families affected by the flood and those grantees funded.

Migrant Worker Brief

This research brief identifies the contributions and challenges farmworkers in South Carolina face based on research, interviews, site visits and a Listening Session held in collaboration with Student Action with Farmworkers.

Kinship Care Brief

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, over the last decade in the United States, the prevalence of children living with relatives when family members can no longer care for them has increased by 18 percent. This brief is a South Carolina perspective that defines Kindship Care including statistics for our state.

Immigrant Families Brief

Based on a detailed examination of the Latino population demographic data, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina held several Listening Sessions, site visits, and meetings to increase our understanding of the impact of this trend. This research brief provides an overview of the demographic shifts and highlights eight themes that emerged through our various research conversations with foreign-born and native-born Latinos: motivation to migrate, making the journey, acculturation processes, shifting family expectations, multi-status families, economic hardships, educational challenges, and health concerns.