IMG_6670“Excessive focus on analysis, targets and number crunching and the absence of imagination and introspection leads to a crisis in management that is responsible for financial stagnation. Excessive focus on opportunity and vision leads to a crisis in leadership that is responsible for duplication of services. The effective non-profit leader must balance measurement of impact with creative approaches to service.”

This is what brought 15 non-profit leaders from around South Carolina to the Foundation on September 24, 2014. Linda Salene’s half day work shop, Get a CLUE (Creative Leadership for an Under-Resourced Environment), focused on helping non-profit leaders at all levels of an organization increase creativity through environmental measurements and program assessments.

The workshop had six goals:

1. Identify the chemistry one brings to the organization
2. Identify the chemistry an organization brings to the community
3. Generate ideas to increase the impact of an organization
4. Create simple ways to measure impact
5. Encourage opportunity finding skills in staff and volunteers
6. Design cross functional idea generation and problem solving teams

IMG_6674EditedAcross the board, participants left this half-day workshop, feeling as though they better understood how to accomplish these goals.
Thanks to Get a CLUE and its interactive environment, several participants feel more confident doing quantitative assessments, making connections with people and understanding leadership styles.

window-testAbout the Carolina Academy

Helping people find solutions to issues around poverty, systemic change and community improvement is at the core of our mission. That’s why we founded the Carolina Academy, a place for community leaders to gain and share knowledge, best practices and lessons learned.

The nonprofits in South Carolina are valuable resource in our state. For this reason, we endeavor to invest deeply in them by providing educational opportunities to build organizational capacity. Whether it’s establishing or building a board, using social media or streamlining their financial reporting, our educational opportunities and programs help them take the next steps.

Informed. Empowered. Responsible. Because the more you know, the more good you can do.

From workshops that offer inspiration and insight to graduate level courses in leadership, our programs are designed to help nonprofit leaders take their skills to the next level.

About the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina
The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina, established in 1996, is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System. The Foundation is committed to addressing the needs of the poor and underserved in all 46 South Carolina counties, and strategically uses resources to reduce poverty through action, advocacy and leadership.