Who We Are

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina is a faith-based organization, deeply rooted in the principles of the Gospel and the traditions of the Catholic Church. As a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System, the Foundation is committed to addressing the causes and effects of poverty in South Carolina.

The Foundation is dedicated to efforts which help build a sustainable, healthy economy, promote educational success, support stronger families and contribute to long-term community development.

In order to achieve these results, the Foundation uses its own resources, including making grants to eligible organizations in South Carolina. The Foundation also explores endeavors to mobilize the resources of others, especially through partnerships, to confront the fundamental causes of poverty and reduce its impact in our state.

In these efforts, we are challenged to:

UNDERSTAND the root causes of poverty and find successful ways to address them.  The Foundation engages in research and encourages others to help create strategic plans to make enduring changes.

ADVOCATE for the poor, in order to speak for and with them.  We will encourage public discussions of relevant issues and collect and disseminate information to encourage those discussions.

PARTICIPATE as an agent for change to nurture the growth of healthy communities and measure the outcomes of these efforts.

COOPERATE with individuals and organizations to build alliances, which bring about lasting, systemic changes.