The Sisters of Charity Foundation is partnering with the South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO) to design a comprehensive, statewide learning and development program focused on excellence in nonprofit practice. This new grant-funded program will provide opportunities that build on the Foundation’s long-standing Carolina Academy program that trained more than 1,500 nonprofits leaders and practitioners over the last nine years.

Although the Sisters of Charity Foundation will not be providing regular workshops as in the past, it will still offer some selective trainings around poverty and leadership for its own constituency. “We will do some focused programs based on our mission, but we will turn all other training and educational opportunities over to SCANPO to lead,” Keith said.

Stay tuned to the Sisters of Charity Foundation’s websites and Facebook pages to learn more about upcoming Leadership opportunities.

Leadership Development at the Foundation will focus on:

  • Increased self-awareness as a leader;
  • Greater skill in leading from one’s personal strengths;
  • Improved ability to build strong and productive relationships with diverse stakeholders;
  • Renewed sense of excitement and purpose in work;
  • Strengthened skills for creating and leading positive change;
  • Greater skill in balancing work, personal life and maintaining personal wellness;
  • Personal plan for moving forward as a leader.

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